Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ at The Globe

Having been to a few productions at The Globe before, I was expecting a fantastic performance of Shakespeare’s romantic comedy. Thankfully The Tempest did not disappoint.

On a beautifully sunny Sunday evening the crowd was raucous and fully immersed in the action, ensuring the performance was played out just as The Globe intended.

Caliban got particularly involved with the crowd as one audience member had her drink thrown over those standing nearby and another lucky theatre-goer got spat on by the monstrous character.

Clever costumes, puppetry, simple pyrotechnics and eerie music enabled the play’s supernatural elements to be fully understood while The Globe’s usual high standards of acting brought Shakespeare’s script to life.

Unfortunately the actor usually playing Ariel was ill so another actor stepped in last minute, script in hand. But even this disruption could not distract the captivated audience from the brilliant story and truly wonderful production.

The crowd ultimately said it all as The Globe exploded with a roar of appreciation as the play drew to a close. Yet another fantastic evening at Shakespeare’s Globe. I challenge anyone to see a production there and not enjoy it… Go on!

More information about The Globe


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