Mini Internet Roundup

A few things of interest this sunny Thursday evening.

BBFC gets Railway Children complaint

Health and safety gone mad! This article made me chuckle.

Art Everywhere: A very very big art show

An exciting initiative that aims to see tens of thousands of billboards across the country transformed into British masterpieces.

Why the humanities? Professor of history discusses the value found in humanities courses

Martin Jay makes a compelling argument for the humanities:

‘the humanities can compel us to reflect on the premises we take too quickly for granted and the values we uncritically accept.’

A recent graduate in English Literature and History of Art, this topic is very close to my heart. Here’s hoping future employers are reading this…

Hiatus Kaiyote

I’m currently on my way to see this band in London. The link takes you to a YouTube clip of Nakamarra.


Glastonbury 2013: Unexpected Highlights

The huge hubbub around Worthy Farm at this time of year means that writing something interesting about Glastonbury becomes increasingly difficult. Rather than write about everything I enjoyed and the headline acts that you’re probably bored of hearing about, I have decided to just include the acts that took me by surprise over the weekend. In a good way…

Acts are listed according to order of appearance, not preference.


The lead singer of this band has such a beautiful voice. Mesmerising is a suitable word to describe it. Kodaline grabbed my attention even from the very edge of the John Peel stage on Friday afternoon.


It can’t be easy being BeyoncĂ©’s younger sister but Solange’s pop voice backed up by a seriously funky band made her chilled-out set really special. The crowd even came up with their own dance routine.

The 1975

A seriously fun set. Highlights were their more pop-like numbers, Chocolate and The City.

First Aid Kit

Beautiful harmonies and a lovely set from the sister duo. Check out The Lion’s Roar.

Tom Odell

I didn’t expect Tom Odell to make this list. Winner of the 2013 BRITs Critics’ Choice Award and with so much talk about him at the moment I had already expected him to be great. But backed up by a really great band Odell blew my already high expectations out of the water with a fantastic set on the John Peel stage. His humility and astonishment at such a great reception from the crowd was also very lovely to see. Beautiful voice, beautiful piano, great artist.

James Blake

I spent an entire hour staring open mouthed at this 24 year old musician and his amazing band (just a guitarist and a drummer, if you can still call them that with all their gadgets and gizmos). The three of them blew my mind with their incredible musicality and songs like Retrograde. Definitely one to see live if you ever have the chance.

So there we have it. This list by no means covers the acts that I enjoyed over the weekend, just those whose brilliance I had not quite anticipated. I think you should research them all. Enjoy!