Painting in Hospitals

Paintings in Hospitals

Fairly awful photograph of a poster in the QEH

As I was walking through the Queen Elizabeth Hospital the other day I was drawn to this poster on the wall. I am aware that this is a fairly awful photo taken from my phone in a rush but this is a poster that explains the work of a charity called Painting in Hospitals.

I have recently taken it as my mission to prove the importance of art to a friend who doesn’t share my enthusiasm. However as well as the arts, another particular passion of mine is people and I love finding ways that these two passions work for each other.

It was with great pleasure that I presented this evidence to my friend:

“From GP waiting rooms to hospital wards, our surroundings have an impact on the way we think and feel. Artworks create a welcoming and stimulating environment, conducive to improving wellbeing and promoting a positive image of healthcare.

There is now an overwhelming body of evidence demonstrating that participating in the arts and having access to artworks can dramatically improve clinical outcomes and mental and physical health.” – taken from the website

I look forward to finding out more about this organisation and I hope to come across others like it soon.


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